Swimming pool, gym, giant screens… The super rich are buying luxury bunkers to prepare for the apocalypse (photo)

Companies like Vivos Europa One or Rising S Bunker are really building bunkers designed for the super-rich, and requests have skyrocketed since the war in Ukraine and the nuclear threat, which is the top fear of rich people in the face of pandemics and natural disaster risks.

Images of these luxurious bunkers abound on the Internet. Some are equipped with gyms, large swimming pools, cinemas, or even screens that simulate scenery and weather. Others even offer vegetable gardens or aquaculture.


According to Douglas Rushkoff, an emerging technology specialist and author of Survival of the Richest, Peter Thiel, an entrepreneur close to Elon Musk, would own a huge bunker in New Zealand. Jeff Bzos would build it under his rocket launch pad.

“Clients are confidential, they are people with huge wallets. Our last request was a 200 m² shelter for 40 people. We have confidence in shelters that can accommodate cars, gyms… They are planning something for the long term,” said Mathieu Seran, CEO of Artemis Protection, Radio France.


However, Douglas Rushkoff wants to reassure: “You should not tell yourself that this is scary: this is ridiculous. We must learn to laugh at these people and not be horrified. This is what they fear. We have to be something else,” he concluded.



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