“Swiss Crypto Stamp”: the first Swiss crypto-stamp in 5 questions

What is a crypto stamp?

The cryptographic seal is a digital seal. It has, if we can put it like this, a double identity: first it has a physical form, that is, the appearance of a classic stamp, but it also comes in digital form, accessible through a code. QR printed next to the stamp paper. This digital version is stored on a blockchain and can be collected, traded, and traded online.

What does the first Swiss crypto label look like?

“At first glance, the Swiss Crypto Stamp looks like a classic stamp. With a tax value of 8.90 francs, it presents the Matterhorn and the Moon on a blue background and is self-adhesive. Like any other stamp, it can be used to frank postal items, ”explains La Poste in a press release.

However, each Swiss crypto stamp gives access, via the QR code, to a digital “twin”. This “twin” represents one theme among the thirteen available. Some themes come up frequently (one of them is available in 65,000 copies), others are much rarer (only 50 copies for one of them). At the time of purchase, it is impossible to know which digital item the Swiss Crypto Stamp contains.

What is the purpose of this crypto stamp?

While the classic form of the crypto stamp can be used for postage, the digital version is only issued for philatelic purposes. “It is a bridge between the world of philately, which is very physical, and the digital world,” explains Stefan Dauner, spokesperson for La Poste. “Philately is a hobby and a great occupation for many people, so it is a new universe that opens up for these collectors.”

A Swiss first, and a very short first?

While this is the first Swiss crypto stamp, the Swiss crypto stamp is not a world first, although this digital object does not appear to be very widespread at the moment. Austria is the first country to issue a digital postage stamp, in 2019. Gibraltar followed, then Croatia in 2020. Recently, the Liechtenstein Post has also embarked on the crypto-adventure stamp.

How to get the Swiss crypto stamp?

This crypto stamp will be launched on November 25. It will be available in the Mail online store from 6 in the morning for the most motivated, but also in the subsidiaries of the yellow giant. Please note: you will be limited to 175,000 copies.

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