Switch Pro: Nintendo could launch its next console in 2024, according to serious vendors

Since it’s not custom, Switch Pro talks about it! Or maybe a new console, according to serious Nintendo suppliers interviewed by the (also very serious) Nikkei media. The new car is said to arrive in 2024.

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In the realm of video games, not a month goes by without rumors of a Switch Pro pointing to the tip of its nose. Nintendo can deny it, nothing helps! And the report of the day risks restarting the machine because there is talk of a future console from the manufacturer. Revealed by Nikkei, a reliable source, the Japanese firm is rumored to be working on a future Switch Pro or new machine, without further details.

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Switch Pro or new Nintendo console?

A more powerful version of the Nintendo Switch? New console? The Nikkei report says that Nintendo has started discussions with several suppliers to produce its next machine. If the Nintendo Switch shows impressive sales, the console will soon celebrate its 6th anniversary, and if the manufacturer does not rely on power, then it feels technically late. Therefore, a performance boost is required to compete with the giants of Xbox and PlayStation.

Could it be the Switch Pro? Nintendo has made it clear several times that it has no plans for such a project. For now, we want to believe it. It’s not necessarily the time to launch a new version after Switch OLED. Especially since the current console is selling very well.

According to Nikkei, the release of the new Nintendo console will take place in mid-2024. The Nintendo Switch is already 7 years old, the timing seems perfect. Who knows, maybe there will be a conference in the coming months? Recall that the presentation of Switch took place in October 2016 for release next year. A similar timetable for the console that Nikkei is talking about seems likely.

Nintendo, the cult of secrecy

One thing is certain, Nintendo is unlikely to confirm this information. The manufacturer has a certain cult of secrecy, and it is hard to imagine that he disrupted the release of his offspring. The case will follow in 2023 and 2024. If such a console exists and starts working, it remains to be seen what the manufacturer has in store for us.

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