Switch: what to expect on Nintendo Direct

[Nintendo Switch] For 40 minutes, Nintendo will present this Tuesday, June 15, new exclusive games to be released in 2021 and 2022. Unless the Switch Pro is invited to the program?

[Mise à jour du mardi 15 juin 2021 à 8h00] It is an important meeting for Nintendo fans. On June 15 at 6 p.m., as part of the E3 Los Angeles Video Game Show, Nintendo will be offering an online conference, Nintendo Direct. Officially, it will be a 40-minute presentation to unveil the new exclusive games to be released on Switch in 2021 and 2022. Zelda Breath of the Wild 2, successor to the first opus released at the same time as the Switch in 2017, makes part of the most anticipated games. Just like the latest Pokémon, Sparkling Diamond and Sparkling Pearl. However, as several media leaks have suggested, Nintendo could also take the opportunity to formalize the industry’s worst-kept secret: the upcoming release of the Nintendo Switch Pro, a more powerful version of the Switch. The Nintendo Direct will last 40 minutes and will be followed by Nintendo Treehouse, a three-hour live show during which Nintendo will present the gameplay of its new games in more detail. You can follow Nintendo Direct below.

The Nintendo Switch is the latest generation of home console from the Japanese manufacturer Nintendo. Released in 2017, it has sold more than 80 million copies since, making it one of the biggest successes in Nintendo history. The great peculiarity of the Switch, compared to previous Nintendo home consoles, is that it can be transformed into a portable console thanks to an ingenious design. In the living room version, the console is connected to a base which supplies it with electricity and connects it to a television via an HDMI port. In portable mode, the console can be extracted from its base, transforming itself into a kind of tablet with a 6.2-inch screen, on which pieces of the controller are clipped on either side. Switch, thus providing joysticks and buttons to make it a portable console.

The price of the classic Nintendo Switch is 299 euros. The Switch Lite (a portable only version of the Switch) costs 199 euros. These prices can vary by a few tens of euros depending on the brand. These two consoles also exist at higher prices in limited editions in the colors of certain games (Mario, Monster Hunter, Pokémon …).

The Switch is sold at all major e-commerce brands such as Amazon, Cdiscount, Fnac, Darty, Boulanger or even Micromania. In 2021, the console faced some supply issues, so some merchants may find themselves out of stock for a while. Nintendo has warned that more ruptures are expected by the end of the year, due to a shortage of some electronic components.

The sites for the sale of second-hand products between individuals such as Rakuten or Le Bon Coin make it possible to find Switch and Switch Lite sold with several tens of euros of reduction compared to their new price. You can also get good deals on refurbished product sales sites, such as BackMarket or, with used consoles that have been refurbished and which often have a warranty. This may even exceed the duration of the original product warranty (especially at Rebuy with 36 months). Also stay alert during sales periods and events like Black Friday.

Looking for a cheap Switch? The Switch Lite is the cheapest version of the console (199 euros instead of 299). The main difference with its big sister is that it is only a portable console. Cannot connect it to a television to make it a living room console. It is also impossible to remove the structures accommodating the joysticks and buttons as on the Classic Switch, they are integrated into the console. Switch games are compatible with the Switch Lite, as long as they are playable in portable mode. In practice, this is the case with most games, since the console was designed for this dual use. The Switch Lite is also a little lighter (275 grams, against 378 for the classic Switch), has a smaller screen (5.5 inches against 6.2 inches) and a few hours of battery life less . Note that the Switch Lite will be available from May 7, 2021 in a new color, blue.

The Switch’s controller, called Joy-Con, is the console’s main innovation. It has three modes of use. When the Switch is in Living Room mode, the Joy-Con is a console controller not unlike those found on an Xbox or Playstation. But its two ends, on which the buttons and joysticks are located, can be separated from the rest of the controller via a sliding rail system. This makes it possible to obtain two small controllers, each holding in one hand. A freedom of movement which offers new possibilities of play thanks to the sensors available to the Joy-Con. For example, in the boxing game Arms first person view, the player can independently use each of their hands to land punches, or both at the same time to defend themselves and perform special punches. Separated in two, the Joy-Con can, on some games, be flipped horizontally and turn into two independent controllers allowing two players to play together, both in living room and portable mode. Finally, the two parts of the Joy-Con can be slid over both ends of the Switch to make it a portable console. The video below shows the different ways to use the console and its controller.

Also known as the Super Switch, the Switch Pro is the code name for a new console project not yet formalized by Nintendo. Nintendo must innovate, as its competitors Microsoft and Sony have just released the Xbox Series X and PS5, ultra powerful consoles that offer much better resolutions and refresh rates than the Switch. In a survey published on March 4, the American economic media Bloomberg came to provide new information on the Switch Pro. According to Bloomberg, who cites anonymous sources at Nintendo, a new Switch is in preparation and should be available for Christmas 2021. It would have a 7-inch Oled screen (against 6.2 inches on the classic Switch) made by Samsung d ‘720p resolution, like the previous one. This resolution would only be that of the console in portable mode. In home console mode, this new Switch would offer 4K, like the Xbox Series X and PS5.

Switch games

One of the main differences between the Switch and its competitors Playstation and Xbox lies in the prestigious catalog of exclusive games developed by Nintendo or studios in its bosom, with extremely popular licenses such as Zelda, Animal Crossing or even Pokémon. Games that have been around for decades, but manage to renew themselves with each new generation of console. Not found on other platforms, these games are one of the reasons for the success of Nintendo consoles. Almost four years after its release, the Switch has a large number of references among these classics, but also allows you to play popular games outside the Nintendo universe, such as Minecraft or Fortnite, for a total catalog of 2,000 games. . Here is a selection.

Who says Nintendo says Mario. The famous Italian mustached plumber and the whole universe that comes with it is Nintendo’s most popular license. His adventures have been rolled out in dozens of different stories and game modes since the release of the first game, the platform game Mario Bros, in 1983. We find for example the racing game Mario Kart, the fighting games Super Smash Bros or even Mario Party board games and mini-games. Here is a selection of the best games in the Mario universe for Switch.

Nintendo Switch Online is the subscription required to play console games online. Its price is 3.99 euros per month. Engagement formulas allow you to pay less: 7.99 euros for three months, or 19.99 euros for one year. A family subscription allowing the use of up to 8 different accounts is also available at 34.99 euros per year. In addition to this network play feature, Nintendo Switch Online offers other perks, including a catalog of retro games from NES and Super Nintendo (old Nintendo home consoles from the 80s and 90s) playable for free as long as the subscription is valid. renewed. Controllers for these two wireless consoles compatible with the Switch are also available for purchase exclusively for subscribers. Nintendo on the other hand does not offer recent free games every month as do Sony and its Playstation Plus, whose subscription is also more expensive (8.99 euros per month). Significant discounts on game purchases are however offered. Members can also save their game progressions to the Nintendo Cloud, allowing them to be accessed from another console and not lost if the Switch is stolen, lost or broken.

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