Switching off Xbox saves 60 euros in electricity per year

At a time when energy will soon cost more than rent (in Belgium, that’s not very far for some), here’s a little trick that can save you some money: turn off your Xbox console completely. Let’s see why.

If you’re the proud owner of an Xbox console, it might be time to take a look at its standby power consumption. After all, as TheVerge points out, Microsoft consoles, whether old generation (Xbox One S/X) or new generation (Xbox Series S/X), consume a lot of power when not in use. We are talking about 11 and 13 W, depending on the model.

Quick calculation: 13 W x 24 hours x 365 days = 113 kWh/year * 0.5 EUR/kWh (current UK electricity rate) = 56 EUR, all without using the console.

Activate the power saving mode of your console

To achieve some power savings, you should know that the console has two power modes.

  • The first one, activated by default, stores data in memory and provides almost instant startup. This is much more useful on the Xbox One than on the Xbox Series, which benefit from a much faster startup thanks in part to their SSD.
  • The second mode keeps the console in standby mode and saves a lot of power. This is the one you can turn on. The only drawback is that it can take up to 3 minutes for the console to start up.

If you want to select this “Power Saving” mode, simply change the setting in your console’s settings. To do this, go to Profile > Settings > General > Power & Startup. In the drop-down menu, select the “Energy saving” mode. Your console will now only consume 0.5 watts, compared to 11-13 watts when not in use anymore.

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