Sword and Fairy: Together Foverer offers the ultimate look at gameplay

On the occasion of the upcoming release on the PlayStation, the role-playing game is being prepared for the final video. In the process, it also updates its physical editions.

The story of Sword and Fairy: Together Forever begins by sending players along with a man named Xiu Wu. The young man then quietly enters the demon realm and is faced with a very unfortunate encounter. His life is in danger, but he barely copes. Returning to the human world, he meets a young woman: Yue Qingshu. Together they set a common goal – to bring peace to a world plunged into chaos.

A new look at the gameplay

Therefore, it is on this frame that the game will offer you to go on an adventure. You will cross many landscapes that promise to be varied, meet people and make connections with those who will be your fellow travelers. And, of course, the journey will not be easy. Fights involving ferocious creatures or other bosses will be there to test your warrior skills, which will obviously vary greatly depending on the character you control. In addition, it will be possible to breed certain creatures and, in a different roster, participate in various mini-games.

Here’s the new and final gameplay preview of the game, which is scheduled to release on August 4th in dematerialized form on PS5 and PS4:

Physical versions will appear in 2023.

In addition, the title also announced a western arrival window for its physical editions (PS5 and PS4). And only at the beginning of 2023 (no exact date) they will be able to offer themselves. There will be exactly two of them: “premium physical” and “premium collectible”. While the former will contain codes for the ost, cosmetic DLC, or even wands, the latter will also include a physical soundtrack, four art cards, a steelbook, or a plush talisman. To get an idea of ​​the planned content, here are the videos, as well as snapshots for each episode:

Available on Steam since 2021, Sword and Fairy will be available for PlayStation players starting August 4th. The game must not be localized into French.


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