Sylvester Stallone in his first superhero film Samaritan

Signing up for the roles of more traditional heroes, Sylvester Stallone joins the camp of those with superpowers.

Signed, partly due to circumstances and age, to the roles of heroes allegedly tired of their exploits and longevity, Sylvester Stallone returns to the role of former glory. Whoever is a brutal boxer in “Rocky” or an injured ex-soldier in “Rambo” becomes a superhero. But the myth is disappointed and anonymous: the former idol of the Granite City became a simple scrap metal buyer. He who was called the Samaritan in his glory days has been considered dead for 25 years and is content to do his job. His old cape on his back is reminiscent of the cape of one Bruce Willis in Unbreakable… without it, the subtlety of a Night Shyamalan film.

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big strings

In pursuit of natural, he returns at a gallop: Stallone takes on the protection of a boy from his neighborhood who was attacked by a group of young delinquents. There, his abilities reappear in broad daylight, and the young fan of the superhero who has disappeared from circulation has been trying for years to convince both his surroundings and his idol of his beliefs. At the same time, the city is engulfed in an outbreak of violence, a crescendo of which may well be orchestrated by the fallen hero’s sibling, Cyrus, his evil counterpart, played by Pilon Asbek (Euron Greyjoy in Game of Thrones). ).

Seeing Greyjoy threaten Sylvester Stallone, even in the movie, is something. ©Prime Video

The myth of Sly-sife

To say that this feature film by Julius Avery uses all the codes close to the second part of the Stallone film, between the return of the hero, the transfer of power and obsessive retribution, is obvious. First of all, the film, directed by the actor himself, shows that at the age of 76, the actor is still struggling to turn the page with these roles that made him the glory of yesteryear. It remains honest entertainment that pales in comparison to current comic book adaptations. And who will once again leave unsatisfied fans of the role of the twilight Sylvester in the fabulous country of policemen (James Mangold) …

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