Synology FlashStation FS2500 Test Readers with Synology SAT5200 Solid State Drive: Time to take stock!

Simplicity and ergonomics in the first part of the test, integrated services and performance in the second, our readers were able to test the Synology FlashStation FS2500 server from all sides. So, will the platform be a viable option for their information system?

“The advantages of a data center solution without the disadvantages”

For Guy-William Pivot, Team Leader Electric Vehicle Infrastructure at Renault Group, the solution seems relevant:

“We have an e-mobility innovation lab and a significant part of our work involves software prototyping using multiple tools and platforms. Therefore, to be efficient, we need to regularly store and download large data files through our dedicated local area network. After this few weeks of testing, we believe this product is right for our use case and will become even more relevant when we can upgrade to a network core of 10Gbps or more. Indeed, we administer this network ourselves, and Synology’s solution allows us to achieve very high read/write performance as well as a very high level of functionality without the need for a specialized person to administer the service. due to the ease of commissioning and configuration/maintenance of the solution. So it’s a bit like the benefits of a professional data center solution without the downsides, bulkiness, and costs usually associated with it. »

Good score for the speed of execution!

For his part, Sébastien Albier, IT Asset Manager at INSPÉ (National Higher Institute for Faculty and Education) of Franche-Comté University, maintains “easy discovery, quick setup and an interface where you can quickly find your habits.” But above all, “speed of execution” seems relevant to him in his use cases.

“The performance of the components we have installed is very high. Virtual server management has become easier and faster to process, create and execute. Using files shared by 50 users also shows better access times without much performance loss if you open many files at the same time. In general, the product is good. »

Dedicated room recommended for comfortable use

So our readers haven’t found any flaws in Synology’s offering? Even if the point is indeed not blocking, the disadvantage is still returned to their balance. “We didn’t find any major flaws in the product,” says Guy-William Pivot, “except perhaps that we would have liked a little more advanced fan control; after all, even in silent mode, they can be heard if they are not in a dedicated room. This was also noticed by Sebastien Albier, for whom “noise reduction is something that needs to be improved”, and Yannick Bresler, IT manager of Synergis Environment: “Noise is really very annoying. The fans blow strongly, even at low levels. I think the solution is for a server room with hearing protection. »

“An option for the future of SAN storage”

For the latter, who said he was “not convinced by full flash”, the performance demonstrated by the Synology SAT5200 SSDs and the efficiency of the FlashStation FS2500 solution may well make him change his mind.

“We already use Synology NAS and have been pleasantly surprised by our usage. Feelings are clear from the point of view of reactivity, and numerous connections do not frighten him. Internal data transfer is monstrous. I just regret that I didn’t have the opportunity for the network to thoroughly test 10Gbps. But I was able to test this solution as an alternative to delivering our new server and was able to deploy future test VMs for our future ERP. The set shuddered a little.

This was not in my original plans, but given the capabilities of the NAS, I also wanted to test the email backup implementation. Thus, I saved 70 boxes without any problems. Restoring an internal backup is also very fast compared to what is usually done in a company. These results make us think about our PRA. Every hour lost in a disaster is very costly, so speed of recovery is important. A full flash or even something hybrid would be our salvation. I’ve always been skeptical about using an SSD cache in professional use, but I’m testing one of our NAS in hopes of finding the FS2500’s server responsiveness, or at least getting close to it…”

The IT manager also checks the ability of the solution to replace the SAN bay.

“The operating system sends all third-party SANs back to the stone age in terms of ergonomics and interface design. It is clean and understandable even for those who have not touched the SAN very often. The SAN manager tool is formidable. The rare tests I’ve been able to run make me believe in the idea of ​​moving to a SAN one day when NAS storage becomes too limited for our data volumes. When the purchase of SAN makes itself felt, I will consider the Synology option, which is much cheaper. »

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