Syntec Numérique and Tech in France merge

Syntec Numérique and Tech in France are joining forces. The two organizations in the digital sector announced their intention to merge on Friday 27 November. The new entity, whose name is not yet communicated, will see the light of day if possible at the end of March 2021 and no later than June 30. Its legal framework and new governance have yet to be defined.

Become the reference point of contact

The new entity aims to be the reference point of contact for digital companies for the public authorities in France and Europe, to strengthen partnerships with its European peers and to promote French and European sovereignty internationally. It will represent 65 billion euros in turnover and 600,000 direct jobs. Support will always be provided to these “member” companies, whether in their growth, the strengthening of actions for employment in the digital sector or the place of women.

This merger comes after a year of extensive collaboration between the two entities, they recall in a joint press release. Syntec Numérique and Tech in France have targeted 5 major challenges, considered a priority for France in terms of digital technology, to which they believe they can respond through this merger: the place of digital in society; digital France in Europe; the growth and competitiveness of our digital companies; the digital transformation of all businesses and administrations, a driver of economic growth; the social, societal and ecological challenges of digital technology.

The Covid-19, an accelerator of digital transformation

This merger comes as companies are pushed to initiate or accelerate their digital transition with the Covid-19 pandemic, which is leading a large number of employees to telework and considerably reduce business travel. “This period of pandemic has not only accelerated the digital transformation but also the evolution of economic models already at work; the merger will allow us to best support our ecosystem in the face of these upheavals”, assures Godefroy de Bentzmann, president of Syntec Numérique, in a press release.

Syntec Numériques was founded to represent digital service companies (ESN), software publishers and technology consulting companies. Today, it represents 2,000 members, accounting for 80% of the sector’s total turnover. The Tech in France association was created in 2005 and now has 400 member companies. Its mission is to bring together and represent publishers of software, internet services and platforms.

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