Sysaxes wants to democratize cobots among small and medium businesses

Since 2014, Sysaxes has been offering companies the opportunity to enter the world of cobots. After 20 years of working in the field of robotics for the automotive industry, its founders Eric Rosello and Eric Purto wanted to develop. “We met a Danish company that was developing cobots. At that time, it had only 20 employees, today there are 800 of them,” recalls Eric Rosello, co-founder of Sysaxes.

Enticed by this decision, at the time groundbreaking, the two men decided to promote the Universal Robots brand. Since starting their business, they have sold 1,500 cobots to almost 450 customers. “We sell about 300 a year now.”

Robots are everywhere and for everyone

If the cobot has found its place in the industry, it is increasingly used by small and medium-sized businesses. “Our robots are also designed for small companies, we want to democratize robotics. Wherever a human hand is needed, the cobot makes it possible to fight musculoskeletal disorders for all repetitive movements.

The automotive industry today accounts for 20% of Sysaxes, whose cobots also work in luxury goods, plastics, food in bakeries or pizzerias, or even in the media, transferring cameras to TVs.

Integrate it into your environment

To guarantee the integration and optimization of the use of the cobot, Sysaxes provides a complete ecosystem for its equipment. “In order to increase its working space, we place the robot on a seventh axis, a horizontal or vertical rail. For example, when a company is palletizing and the robot can’t get to the top, we change that data.”

In the same vein, a ten-employee SMB, including five engineers, is making its cobots mobile. “We move them on a trolley and we can attach the robots to different machines.” Sysaxes is also working with Fasto to build an assembly machine for manufacturers who source components in bulk and spend time and money palletizing them.

Depreciate the price

Sysaxes will be showcasing its latest innovations for integrating cobots into its environment at the industry fair taking place May 17-20 in Villepinte (Saint-Saint-Denis). According to the manager, being able to remember that a cobot depreciates in about nine months. “The cost of a robot is between €20,000 and €35,000 and you need to double that amount to add to its ecosystem.” In 2021, Sysaxes’ turnover reached 7.6 million euros.

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