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The oldest of you will probably remember System Shock, developed at the time by Looking Glass Studios and published by Origin Systems for PC. Mixing RPG and FPS, it was appreciated by the media but less by the players. Will he find an audience with this remake?

As such, Prime Matter announces that the System Shock remake will release on PC on May 30, 2023. Developed by Night Dive Studios, this remake of the original 1994 game features completely overhauled high-definition graphics as well as overhauled controls. The interface has also been redesigned and all audio context (sound effects and music) has been redesigned.

In the story, you will play a computer hacker who seeks to infiltrate the Sentinel station to counter the plans of an AI named SHODAN who plans to use his laser to attack Earth. You will then have to roam real mazes and face various mutant and cyborg enemies while solving many puzzles to advance and reach your goal. And to fight the AI, you sometimes have to go into cyberspace to succeed in breaking the security that the AI ​​has set up.

Please note that the PC edition will include a free copy of System Shock 2 Enhanced Edition as a bonus, which will be available to anyone who purchases the game within the first few weeks of launch.

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This remake is also planned for PS5, PS4/Pro, XSX/S and Xbox One/X at a later date.

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