T-Mobile victim of data theft

It is reported that the accounts of 100 million people have been hacked.

What is the true extent of the T-Mobile hack? The American subsidiary of German telecom operator Deutsche Telekom is still trying to gauge the scale.

It all started this weekend with a post on the dark web. The hacker then claims to own 100 million people’s personal data after he stole it from T-Mobile. It will have phone numbers, a social security number, a driver’s license, or even a physical address and an electronic device identifier (IMEI) number. They are used, inter alia, by operators to identify terminals connected to networks.

It took T-Mobile almost 24 hours to confirm the reality of this attack. Ironically, the hacker himself mentioned last Sunday that the operator “He must have identified the attack as he no longer has access to the vulnerability.” which gave him access to information. That fundamentally changes nothing

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