Tahi Buhaf case: one of two accusers backs down

This is a new twist in the Tahi Buhafs case, another in a series of gender and sexual assault (VSS) allegations that have been hounded by left-wing political parties for nearly a year; almost paralyzes them. According to our information, one of the two accusers of the militant journalist, a former La France insoumise legislative candidate, withdrew the testimony she had filed with the LFI internal cell in charge of the VSS. “She changed her mind because she realized that her testimony was not the place,” the source said without further comment.

On May 10, 2022, in the midst of a legislative campaign, Taha Bouhafs withdrew from the Rhône 14th arrondissement, in Venissier, under the Nupes label. Three days earlier, on 7 May, Jean-Luc Mélenchon’s party had indeed obtained “testimony relating to alleged acts of sexual violence” against a rebellious activist and former girlfriend of the person concerned. In fact, the camera did capture two messages.

Another anonymous report

After more than two months of silence on the case, Taha Buhaf published an open letter chiding La France insoumise for not allowing him to defend himself in an “honest and impartial” manner. In particular, he criticized LFI MP Clementine Autin, who refused to provide him with more details about the charges against him, as well as any confrontation with the accuser, who wished to remain anonymous. The party and the elected representative of the Seine-Saint-Denis countered in an official press release that they “do not recognize themselves” in the story given by Bouhaf and cannot “transmit to him the information sent to the chamber, ‘respect'”. desire for the anonymity of plaintiffs”.

Nearly a year after the initiation of the case, Taha Buhafs is still unaware of the contents of another anonymous message made to the LFI inner cell. Even if his relatives say they are “relieved” by this turn of events, they still argue that the activist can face the reproaches leveled against him and defend himself if necessary. In L’Express, lawyers for Taha Bouhafs point out: “We take note of the withdrawal of testimony in this political ‘procedure’ from the outset, tainted by the absence of any controversial character and from which we have not received to date. no actual element. It’s time to end the ruthlessness and allow our client, who is 25 years old and not the subject of any litigation, to return to a more or less normal life.”

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