Tails of Iron gameplay: we cross swords with frogs –

Tails of Iron, the rodent-friendly RPG, is available from September 17 on our platforms. The title offers players a dark and demanding adventure, containing many battles of pronounced difficulty. We show it to you in a ten minute game sequence.

The bloody epic of Redgi, the crown prince of the rat kingdom, began on September 17. For the occasion, we invite you to see in detail the operation of the Tails of Iron confrontations, which require patience and rigor, but also a review of the RPG mechanics that the game usually offers. In this sequence, Redgi, our hero, accompanied by his archer ally, goes in search of his blacksmith brother Bam, supported by the vile frogs. Before he can find his brother, he will have to face a mini-boss: Blocka Blocka.

Through Sengsunn, Typing


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