Taiwan plays down the assumption of advanced chip production in the EU

TAIPEI (Reuters) – Taiwanese Economy Minister Wang Mei-hua on Wednesday downplayed the speculation that island companies were manufacturing advanced semiconductors in the European Union, noting that the Taiwanese giant of the sector, TSMC, had indicated that it would focus its production at the local level.

These comments come against the backdrop of calls from Brussels to convince a global player in the sector to set up a major production site in the EU in order to help the community bloc achieve one of its strategic objectives in this area. .

In the European digital plan for 2030, the European Commission wants to concentrate by this date in the EU at least 20% of the world production of last generation semiconductors.

EU Internal Market Commissioner Thierry Breton told Reuters last week that he was due to meet Intel CEO in Brussels on Friday and hold talks with TSMC Europe president the same day.

“TSMC reiterated that the most advanced technologies are sure to be (produced) mainly in Taiwan,” Wang Mei-hua told reporters.

“As for how Taiwan and the EU can cooperate, companies have their devices and considerations, and that can be discussed further,” she added.

No comment was immediately obtained from TSMC which, according to sources in Brussels, is Thierry Breton’s first choice because of the Taiwanese group’s status as the undisputed world number one in the sector.

Wang Mei-hua said on Wednesday that he had not had direct exchanges with the EU for “a week or two”.

“But in our discussions with the EU, industrial cooperation has always been an important topic, not just for semiconductors, but for wider industrial cooperation,” she said.

(Ben Blanchard; French verison Jean Terzian)

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