Takashi Kiryu, the new president of Square Enix

Yosuke Matsuda will step down as president of Japanese publishing house Square Enix in favor of Takashi Kiryu.

At the request of the Board of Directors of Square Enix, Takashi Kiryu will be named CEO of the Japanese publisher by June next year, replacing Yosuke Matsuda:

Against the backdrop of the rapidly changing business environment surrounding the entertainment industry, the proposed change aims to reshape the management team to embrace ever-changing technological innovations and maximize the company’s creativity to deliver even more entertainment to its customers. worldwide.

Youth take over Square Enix

Former general manager of Japanese multinational communications company Dentsu Takashi Kiryu joined Square Enix in 2020 as general manager of planning. He then rose through the ranks, becoming General Manager of Corporate Strategy in April 2021 and then Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Chinese subsidiary in January 2022, which also allows him to become a member of Square Enix’s Board of Directors. A year later, at the age of just 47, he is on his way to becoming the president of a well-known company in the video game industry in Japan.

End of Yosuke Matsuda Era

If he was at the head of Square Enix, knowing about the best financial results in its history, Yosuke Matsuda would also have chained several bad decisions, such as selling several western studios to Embracer Group (Crystal Dynamics, Eidos-Montréal, Square Enix Montréal). , the loss of several historical licenses, a split with IO Interactive, a takeover by Luminous Productions after the failure of Forspoken, and a deplorable strategy to focus more and more on NFTs and blockchain.

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