Take care of your headphones or headphones

You have them in your ears almost every day, but when was the last time you cleaned your headphones?

In recent years, headphones and headphones have become indispensable accessories that are used both for watching TV, tablets or mobile phones, and for listening to music. The models are numerous and offered at very different prices. Several criteria are critical when choosing: type (in-“pods” or “buttons”, in-ear or near-the-ear), active noise cancellation, wired connection or not, convenience, design, and proposed controls.

Actions to be taken

First of all, remember to protect your earphones and earbuds during transportation. Many of these come in cases, but feel free to reuse a small bag to prevent cables from getting tangled up and the entire device from being damaged by the weight of other items in your pockets or bag.

• In-Ear Headphones: Simply remove the plastic tip and clean it with soap and water and a cotton swab. Also wipe the cables (without pressing too hard).

• Classic headphones: remove dirt with a needle, then gently rub with a toothbrush. You can run a cotton swab with a drop of alcohol over the grid.

• Headphones: First, clean the headband (often made of synthetic material) with a soft cloth, water and a drop of soap. Do not rub too hard to avoid damaging the finish. If it is leather, use very little water. For hard-to-reach places, use a cotton swab. If possible, remove the pads. If they are made of leatherette, take a damp cloth and soap. If they are fabric, soak them in cold soapy water and let them air dry (don’t heat them as this can cause them to shrink). Damaged pads are very easy to replace, almost all manufacturers offer them for purchase. For helmet speakers, use a can of compressed air.

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