Take flight and save up to $650 on Autel drones ahead of Black Friday at Best Buy.

Drones are increasingly being used by aspiring filmmakers to capture much of the world around them. This is because they can provide a high bird’s eye view of any given location, as you’ve seen in countless films.

As drones become more common, their components are getting cheaper, which means you can get great deals on the best drones. In fact, this Black Friday Early Deal offers a huge discount on two of our favorite options.

Best Buy is offering an amazing $650 discount on the Autel EVO Lite+. (will open in a new tab)plus a $390 discount on its younger brother, the Autel EVO Nano+. (will open in a new tab). What’s more, both include what Autel Robotics calls premium kits, with plenty of extra accessories and parts.

Autel EVO Lite+ (will open in a new tab) The flight time on a single charge is 40 minutes, and the built-in GPS allows you to quickly find it. In our review of the Autel Evo Lite+ a few months ago, we said it was an amazing drone that offered a great price (and real competition from DJI, who dominated the drone market for a while).

Outel Nano+ (will open in a new tab) the drone, on the other hand, is slightly smaller, but no less powerful. It has a maximum flight time of 28 minutes but can still record in 4K thanks to its built-in 16x digital zoom camera. Check out our Autel EVO Nano+ review to learn more about it, but in short, we’re big Nano+ fans thanks to the great camera and collision avoidance system that makes it safe and easy to fly.

So what’s in these premium packages? Basically everything you need to keep any drone in the air, with interchangeable propellers, new batteries and a compact yet protective carrying case. However, there is no memory card included, so you can pay for one.

User feedback is also positive, with both drones averaging 4 stars out of 5. EVO Lite+ (will open in a new tab) attracts buyers with its reliability and camera, while the EVO Nano+ (will open in a new tab) receives positive reviews due to the build quality, flight time and image quality.

Best drone deals for today

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