Take on Frieza in Dragon Ball: The Breakers starting October 14th!

Dragon Ball remains one of the world’s most famous manga to this day. Who has never portrayed a Kamehameha, tried to transform into a Super Saiyan or master an instant move? While we were able to relive the manga story with Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot, the Bandai Namco teams are working on a completely different multiplayer experience.

Dragon Ball: The Breakers also releases in October!

This game offers a completely asymmetrical gameplay for up to eight players. They fall into two camps:

  • seven players will enter the arena and will have to do everything to survive until they find a time machine;
  • the latter will play “Raider” and embody one of the saga’s antagonists, Buu, Cell, or Frieza, evolving as the exceptions transition to their final form.

Speaking of the latter, the publisher has unveiled a brand new video dedicated to it. As such, the character’s various forms can be seen during the fight against Krillin, Vegeta, Gohan, Piccolo, and Goku on Namek. Little surprise, the trailer also contains a very important date. Dragon Ball: The Breakers releases October 14th for Xbox One, Xbox Series, Playstation, Nintendo Switch and PC! You can watch the video below:

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