Takeover of Blade (Shadow): the court chose Octave Klaba’s offer

We now know the name of the buyer of Blade (Shadow). The Paris Commercial Court finally accepted this afternoon the offer made by Jesby, the development fund of Octave Klaba, CEO of OVHcloud, to take over the company in financial difficulty.

The French company specializing in cloud gaming was placed in bankruptcy proceedings in early March. Faced with the offer made by Octave Klaba, boss of OVH, who had very early announced his candidacy through his investment company Jezby Ventures, employees of the company supported by Iliad had also applied for the takeover .

But to get the company afloat, the court ruled in favor of the HubiC company. “Jezby and all the teams who have worked to structure a solid strategic and industrial project for Blade Shadow, essential to the development of the offer, are delighted with the decision of the Paris Commercial Court”, declared the buyer in a press release released this Friday afternoon after the court decision.

The press release specifies that “the takeover of all the teams, the provision of new financial resources and the partnership on infrastructure development with OVH Cloud, will endow Shadow with a capacity for growth that is both sustainable and profitable, and a renewed power of innovation at the service of the quality of the experience of gamer customers ”. All jobs would be preserved, with the exception, however, of CTO Jean-Baptiste Kempf, co-bearer of the competitor’s file.

Where is Blade’s future headed?

As mentioned by Nextinpact, the court considered that “the higher price offered by HubiC, the lower cost of dismissal” as well as its “constant” involvement since the start of the call for tenders justified its decision.

The question now is what will OVH do with Blade’s offer in the coming weeks. “The Blade teams have done a colossal job in the most demanding field of technology that is cloud gaming” said Octave Klaba, following the court ruling. “We are eager to share our areas of expertise and start the first projects together, to quickly get back to our customers with strong announcements,” he explains.

Sure Twitter, Octave Klaba assured that “the ambition is simple: to build the best cloud gaming offer in the world! We now have everything in just one box: talented team, no worries about CAPEX, the global market! “

Stéphane Héliot, co-founder of Blade, declared: “We are very happy and enthusiastic to join Octave Klaba and his team. It is a great chance for Shadow to continue this adventure by putting its innovation at the service of as many people as possible ”.

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