Tamadoge listing: could the token price skyrocket?

Updated October 02, 2022 03:37 AM.

Currently, the project grabbing attention in the world of cryptocurrencies is the new Tamadoge meme token, which had a pre-sale a few weeks ago. Tamadoge sold 1 billion tokens much earlier than expected. Now the token has been listed since September 27 at OKX IEO and early trading has been positive. What price can Tamadoge reach after listing on OKX?

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Tamadoge (TAMA): A play-to-earn token listed on OKX.

Tamadoge is a meme crypto asset that combines the NFT store and the P2E (Play-To-Earn) game into one complete Metaverse – Tamaverse.

In Tamaverse, players can explore all the possibilities and activities this platform has to offer. TAMA is the platform’s internal governance currency and is used for all in-game activities.

Apart from these features, Tamadoge also includes something not always seen in the meme coin market: some practical utility.

One of the main reasons investors think Tamadoge can topple DOGE and SHIBA is because it solves some of their main problems, like DOGE’s endless supply and SHIBA’s lack of utility.

The P2E (Play-To-Earn) game is one of its main features and is very similar to Tamagochi (a digital pet game popular in the 90s).

A few days ago, Tamadoge had a record pre-sale, raising a total of $19 million. The token then went through its first listing on the OKX exchange on September 27th.

TAMA quote in US dollars from September 27 to October 01, 2022 according to coinmarketcapTAMA quote in US dollars from September 27 to October 01, 2022 according to coinmarketcap.

The token has risen significantly over the past few days, increasing by almost 200%. The TAMA token is currently trading at $0.06 with a market cap of $63 million and a daily volume of $22 million.

Today, the TAMA token appears to be heading into the second phase of its roadmap, with a likely listing on the major centralized exchanges of the crypto industry as well as decentralized exchanges on the Ethereum blockchain.

After a successful launch on OKX, Tamadoge wants to continue moving forward to be available on more platforms. In particular, successive launches are planned for Lbank and MEXC.

The listing on MEXC is already scheduled for October 5, and the token is also available on Uniswap.

Will the price of the token increase after this listing?

Even though the TAMA token presale started in the midst of a strong bear market, it was a huge success and managed to capture the attention of all investors in the community.

As a reminder, the TAMA Token Pre-Sale started in August and ended a few weeks ago, with over 1 billion tokens sold before the original set date.

With this particularly successful first listing on the OKX exchange, the announcement of a new MEXC listing could well herald a continuation of the bullish momentum for the Play-To-Earn token.

Major milestones this year for Tamadoge are the release of the Pet Shop and the game’s P2E ratings. The game’s lead developer is Thomas Seabrook, formerly of WMS, Voodoo and StarDigital.

Tweet announcing the listing of the TAMA token on the OKX exchangeA tweet announcing the listing of the TAMA token on the OKX exchange.

Carl Dawkins, known for his work at SocialBox, is in charge of growth. 2023 will be an important year as the project prepares to explore partnerships with metaverse projects established in the first quarter.

Tamadoge P2E arcade games and the long-awaited Tamadoge augmented reality app will launch in the third and last quarters of 2023, respectively, which could herald significant upside potential for the token.

Of course, it is necessary to remain cautious and pragmatic, given the particularly risky nature of cryptocurrencies in general and innovative tokens in particular.

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