Tango Gameworks and The Evil Within 2 Director Works on New Game

Tango Gameworks is one of the studios that make up the ZeniMax Media group acquired by Microsoft at the beginning of the year. Prior to this acquisition, the studio was committed to developing Ghostwire: Tokyo, a future title temporarily exclusive to Playstation 5. If it was recently postponed to 2022, studio founder Shinji Mikami recently revealed that there was already a new game on the market. market. developing.

During an exchange with Phil Spencer broadcast at a Microsoft event, Shinji Mikami brought up the fact that a figure well known to studio fans was working on a new project. In fact, John Johanas, director of The Evil Within 2 is part of the team that deals with this new game.

The man worked as a visual effects designer on The Evil Within, before taking on the directorial position on the two DLCs, as well as on The Evil Within 2. If we don’t have any official information, one can look forward to the ‘arrival of a third installment of the license in the future in the Xbox ecosystem, the studio is now a member of Xbox Game Studios.

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