Taurus Mycook Next: 10-inch screen in a slow cooker

Taurus, already well established in the multifunction cooker sector, has recently added a new model to its catalogue: Mycook Next. This plug-in food processor has a well-filled technical data sheet: an induction heating system, built-in scales and a large 10″ touch screen.

Spotted in the IFA aisles, the Taurus Mycook Next caught our attention thanks to a well-filled datasheet. Indeed, this robotic cooker is equipped with a large 10.1-inch touch screen with which you can control the cooking. While the plates that robotic plates are equipped with are usually located on the engine block and do not exceed 6 inches, the Taurus aims to go wider by adding a touchpad (fully clamped) for step-by-step recipe deployment and device process control. The few tweaks we were able to make on the Berlin show revealed a slight lack of fluidity, but the show’s erratic internet connection probably has something to do with it. The interface, even translated into German, seems quite clear, fairly well organized and readable. To date, 500 recipes are directly integrated into Mycook Next and 2000 are available from the app. The manufacturer makes sure that the catalog is regularly updated with additions from community members.

Induction heating and built-in scales

Taurus is very proud to be the only manufacturer to date to offer a robotic cooker that combines both an induction heating system and an integrated scale. Indeed, today only the Magimix Cook Expert (which provides the fastest temperature rise in our comparison) offers induction heating, but it comes with the scale as an optional accessory. Other devices on the market are heated, for the most part, with a resistor. Taurus has patented this concept, so there is no chance that this combination will develop in the market. The manufacturer’s scale promises to be very accurate (to the gram) and responsive; our measurements in the laboratory should allow us to confirm these fine words.

The induction heating system allows you to adjust the temperature from 37°C to 140°C in 1°C increments. As with the Thermomix TM6, the high temperature setting allows up to 160°C. In addition, there are 10 knife speeds and 12 automatic programs: slow cooking, sous vide, steam, low and high temperature, kneading, stewing, frying, sautéing, steaming, etc.

To perform all these functions, MyCook Next uses a bowl with a total capacity of 3.7 liters (including 2.5 liters of useful): large families can wince at such a capacity, which should only be enough for 3 people or 4 small eaters.

The accessories supplied with this model are the same as those found in any robot box: spatula, inner and upper steam baskets on two levels (5 liter capacity) and drum.

Available from mid-October, the Taurus Mycook Next (manufactured and manufactured in Spain) will retail for €1,199. So with this feature mapping, this robotic cooker aims for the most elitist positioning of the most expensive models on the market.

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