TCL C72, C72 + and C82 MiniLED: prices and details of the brand’s new TVs

After launching the X10 last year, the first MiniLED television to take place in stores, TCL continues its offensive in the European television market with three new series, including a MiniLED: the C82. The other two, the C72 + and C72, are “classic” LED models but still employ quantum dot technology (QLED). They come with different screen sizes, from 43 to 75 inches. The main difference between the C72 and the C72 + is the presence in the latter’s case of a native 100 Hz panel.

Full HDR support and HDMI 2.1

With its 4K QLED panel with MiniLED backlighting, the C82 is obviously the flagship of the brand. The interest of this backlight, dotted with thousands of LEDs much smaller than the usual systems and generally divided into many more independent zones (local dimming) than the classic LED, is to offer a better contrast and a brightness better managed with very little light leakage (the halo effect around bright elements displayed on a black or dark background).

Like the other two models, the C82 embeds QLED technology which allows, thanks to a specific filter, to improve (among other things) the colorimetry. On the processing side, we note a fairly complete compatibility of current HDR standards and this on the three models: HDR10, HDR10 + HLG, Dolby Vision and Dolby Vision IQ, only the HDR10 + Adaptive is missing.

The C82 and C72 + series are also equipped with HDMI 2.1 48 Gb / s allowing a refresh rate in 4K up to 120 frames per second and the support of two functions useful to gamers: the variable refresh rate and the automatic game mode. . Deprived of a 100 Hz panel, the C72 therefore does not support these features, it is satisfied with the automatic game mode. The brand does not specify whether or not the eARC function is supported by its new TVs.

Android TV and sound from Onkyo

All three models run Android TV with Google Assistant and are Amazon Alexa compatible. The brand has already announced the arrival of televisions under Google TV but it will not be this time, for now Sony has the exclusivity of this OS. Small peculiarities, the C82 series televisions are also equipped with a 1080p wide-angle magnetic camera to make video calls and the TVs will be compatible … Tik Tok!

Finally, TCL once again trusted Onkyo for the sound part. All three models use Dolby Atmos compatible audio systems according to the brand, but this should only be decoding according to the images and information provided by TCL. We hope in any case that the result will be better than with the X10 …

To complete it all, a new sound bar, the TS8132 with eight speakers delivering Dolby Atmos sound on 3.1.2 channels and a wireless subwoofer, was presented along with the TVs. It is also compatible with Chromecast, AirPlay, Google Assistant and Alexa and supports HDMI eARC.

Prices and availability

Regarding the prices and release dates of these different models, the manufacturer has sent us the following information:


€ 699

April May


€ 799

April May


€ 999

April May


€ 1,499

April May

55C72 +

€ 899

May June

65C72 +

€ 1,199

May June

75C72 +

€ 1,699

May June


€ 1,399

April May


€ 1,799

April May

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