Teams: New Features Coming Soon, Apple Silicon September Version – Next INpact

During the recent Inspire conference, Microsoft made several announcements about Teams, its exchange platform for companies.

Mac owners will finally be able to take advantage of the version compiled for Apple Silicon in September, two years after the first M1 machines arrived. Unless plans change, this will be a generic release containing Intel and Apple Silicon binaries.

A number of features will also appear in early autumn. Viva Engage is probably the one that’s been talked about the most because it’s nothing more or less than “Facebook” for business.

We’re talking about Facebook because the similarities are striking, both in terms of features – statuses, news feed, photos, videos, comments, mentions, etc. – only in the interface. For Microsoft, it’s about “incentivizing participation” of the company and encouraging the creation of “communities and relationships among colleagues.” Viva Engage will also be available on Android and iOS.

Joint annotations will also be part of this. They will allow you to take notes during a group conference using the keyboard, mouse or stylus. For example, we can draw around an area in a document and write an annotation by hand, leave a reminder, etc.

Excel Live is perhaps one of the most anticipated features. However, within a conference, this will allow attendees to collaborate on an Excel sheet without having to install it. These participations will be based on everyone’s permissions.

Webinars are enhanced to allow you to select a topic, define a participant limit, submit a survey before joining an event, customize a Q&A module, or display a more detailed bio of the presenter.

Finally, some features that have been in testing for some time are now available to everyone. This is especially true of “self-talk”, which allows you to put information aside, and general channels. The latter, as expected, allow you to use commands from different structures for general conversations. Logical continuation of invited contacts.


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