Technophiles. Video Games: We tested God of war Ragnarok on PS5

Travel to the Scandinavian country

After exploring Greece in his first episodes, exhausting all the mythical monsters, and reaching the legendary encounters, Kratos explores the nine Norse kingdoms with his son Atreus. A sequel to 2018’s God of War where we first discovered Kratos as a father, an unprecedented family situation where he’s been a lone wolf so far. This episode focuses on Atreus, who shows more and more maturity, while Kratos tries to be a father, who tries to distance himself from his mistakes and past fights that have left a mark on his soul. Here we plunge into the deadly ice of Odin, Thor and Loki. The god of mischief has more than one trick up his sleeve, and it wouldn’t be surprising if he were involved in this family affair. Near or far with Andreus. The union of father and son will unravel another intrigue on the land of Asgard.

Titanic fights

Like any good action game, like the previous episode, the exploration ends with a boss fight. A bear or any other god of Asgard that gets in your way. And it is not in this bias that the interest of the script lies. After several approaches leading to premature death, the buttons of the PS5 controller are well remembered. Well-placed reflexes and attacks, mixed with constant anticipation, lead to victory or a test, which in the end brings not the opponent’s head, but continuation. Graphically, it’s very beautiful, and at 60fps you get dizzy enough that it’s related. Visual effects, as well as the blackness of the “ring” scenes, coexist with the light of the impacts. Later, in other kingdoms, other equally luxurious landscapes will be explored. On the other hand, the big black dot: the camera that doesn’t automatically rotate with Kratos. Then we are obliged to foresee the words of Mimir’s head placed behind. Orange and red signals indicate the approach of a more or less strong impact. But this is very annoying, as we lose sight of the decisive scene for two or three seconds. Until we find a way to adjust the reversal…

apple from apple tree

Through the touchpad, you can access equipment upgrades as well as talent trees, mostly for Kratos and a bit for Atreus. With the help of the son, it is very easy to cope, since we will click on the square so that it shoots arrows. The dialogue sometimes remains full of humour, especially the comical encounters with the dwarves, but also other dialogue that we let you discover that is not without poignancy or surprise. But above all, the relationship of father and son with Mimir attached to the belt evokes reflections filled with wisdom. Kratos has already changed in the latest title of 2018 and it turns out that he takes on a different, no less emotional character. He then allows himself, under certain circumstances, to be carried away by his son, who shows him his own path of exploration.

Tel Yggdrasil

“World Tree” could be an analogy for this completely successful title that draws our attention, whether it’s in 1080P or 4K. Indeed, it manages to combine the great qualities of an action game among its offshoots. The emotions, the clashes, the father’s doubts about the education he should give his son, Atreus, who wants to establish the beginning of independence… These topics are rarely touched upon, especially in this kind of games. makes God of War Ragnarok a must-have for any gamer!

Rating: 18/20

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