Teenage Engineering OP1 Field Portable Synth Sampler $2000

Musicians looking for a portable synthesizer and sampler may be interested in the fact that Teenage Engineering engineers have created a successor to their popular OP1 in the form of OP1 Field. The $2,000 latestgeneration portable synthesizer is thinner, louder and “100 times better” than the original, say its makers.

Teenage Engineering OP1 Field

Portable synthesizer OP1 Field

With a low profile aluminum housing, internal FM antenna and high resolution display, the OP1 Field sampler joins the already released TX6 mini mixer in Field’s new product line.

“Introducing the brand new OP1 field. implemented more than ten years of ideas, improvements and improvements. just a few: stereo throughout the signal chain, bluetooth midi, usb typec, new speaker system with passive driver for detailed, fat and loud sound, massive 24 hour battery life, multiple tapes and recording formats, new great sounding reverb and “Dimension” synth engine, full glass, high resolution flat display. we’ve also thoroughly redesigned all of the graphics, screen by screen. did we mention FM broadcasting?”

OP1 field synthesizer and sampler

“Think of the OP1 field as a natural extension of its predecessor. updated with the latest technology, improved design and finetuned to meet the needs of professional musicians, recording artists and sound engineers. higher quality in every aspect, from circuitry to connectivity and flexibility, it is designed specifically for professionals in this field.”

Source: Teen Engineering

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