Teenager hospitalized for several days due to COVID-19

The father, who watched his 15-year-old daughter hospitalized for days with complications from COVID-19, serves as a warning to young people who may feel invincible in the face of the virus.

“Most young people are somehow invincible to the virus. The only thing is, you never know who will really get sick. We cannot predict who it will fall on, but it could be anyone, ”says the father.

Fearing that he or his teenage daughter would receive abuse on social media, he asked to anonymously tell his daughter’s story.

Like a dagger

The 15-year-old was hospitalized last week for more than five days, just hours after testing positive for COVID-19.

“She didn’t drink anymore, because as soon as she put something in her mouth, she started to vomit. She also had severe back pain. She had a hard time breathing, it was like a dagger in her back,” he explains. Newspaper

A 3rd high school student at Cavelier de la Salle in Montreal’s eponymous neighborhood was finally able to be discharged from the hospital last Friday, but her struggles are far from over.

“As soon as she gets up and activates a little, she goes to bed again, because it hurts. She still hasn’t found any smell or taste. She’s on the right track, but her pain is still causing problems, ”he says.

The father also contracted the virus, a likely British variant, and was isolated with his teenage daughter until at least mid-May.

“My symptoms are mild. I have a cough and a slight sore throat. My back hurts, but it never hurts like my daughter. So I’m not complaining, ”he laughs.

The most difficult thing for him was watching his teenage daughter suffer so much while she was in the hospital.

“It was painful to see her like this. It broke my heart, ”he says.

“Another thing is, we must not forget that we can transmit the virus to someone in the home who is at risk of developing symptoms and who may even die from them,” adds the 48-year-old.

freedom of choice

The latter is difficult to understand why secondary schools reopened due to the forced attendance of students.

While it is unclear exactly how his daughter got infected, he would like her to be able to take classes online. Moreover, her immunity is suppressed due to the medications she is taking for Crohn’s disease.

“I would like us to be able to exempt our child from attending school without having to fill out a medical document that must be approved by the ministry. I would prefer to be left free. We know best about the health of our children, ”he said.

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