Telecom operators must change the direction of customer satisfaction

Salesforce’s recent “Telecom Focus” study shows that customers are increasingly open to testing new providers and willing to switch to better pricing, more transparent service agreements, and better self-service experiences.

In this study, which examines consumer satisfaction levels globally, we can read that almost 40% of customers say they are unhappy with their current carriers, and almost one in two customers threaten to change their carrier to get a better service.

As hybrid operation becomes more common, customers are paying particular attention to price and speed when it comes to choosing an operator. Additionally, according to Salesforce, more than one in six consumers said they would consider switching ISP due to greater reliability (13%) and better customer service (12%).

Good reason to stay

The list of expectations is long, and telecom providers have very little margin for error, especially as they face competition from technology companies. According to the study, this pressure is contributing to “an increase in customer churn and is driving many providers to include third-party offerings such as streaming, banking, and cybersecurity services in their home service packages in the hope of improving accuracy.

To succeed in remaining competitive, carriers must give their customers a “reason to stay,” the report emphasizes. They should bet on “personalized and omnichannel customer experience” as 88% of surveyed customers believe that customer experience is just as important as the service offered.

Finally, nearly a third of shoppers expect to benefit from a “physical experience” as many of them continue to shop in addition to using online services. To meet expectations, Salesforce encourages vendors to “plan for and support the blending of online and offline experiences.”

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