Telecommunications: how to improve in-flight Wi-Fi?

Have you ever boarded a plane and couldn’t connect your device to Wi-Fi? This experience, which passengers face every day, is becoming a real challenge for airlines and their customers, especially professionals. A new report from the Wireless Broadband Alliance (WBA) reveals there’s a simple solution that can help you resolve in-flight connectivity issues. With this plan, telco players hope to put an end to the most frequently mentioned: weak signal, high cost of service, or outright unavailability of Wi-Fi when traveling by plane.

“Today, connectivity is fundamental to our daily lives and Wi-Fi is the most widely used wireless technology in the world,” said Thiago Rodriguez, WBA CEO. “The in-flight Wi-Fi experience needs to be improved so that leisure and business travelers can access flight information, entertainment or social media. »

One of the main factors behind these connectivity issues is the Authorized Portal method — the process by which passengers connect to the correct Wi-Fi, go to the landing page, determine the Wi-Fi plan they want to buy, and finally register and pay. . These are all barriers to entry that keep customers from using in-flight Wi-Fi services. This leads to a decrease in airline revenue and passenger dissatisfaction.

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A simple solution to this problem would be to implement the Passpoint Wi-Fi Alliance, also known as Hotspot 2.0, which makes it easier for devices with a qualifying subscription to automatically and securely connect to Wi-Fi networks. Providing passengers with a Passpoint subscription will prevent them from logging in manually during the flight. Instead, passengers will be automatically authenticated when they enter the aircraft and immediately connected to a secure connection.

“Air travel is booming, with international traffic up 229.5% last year and overall traffic up 76.2%, according to the International Air Transport Association (IATA), said Bruno Thomas, CTO of the Wireless Broadband Alliance.

“Now is the perfect time for airlines to take a fresh look at the use of Wi-Fi on board. This report shows how they can use Passpoint and WBA OpenRoaming to make it easier for passengers to take full advantage of all onboard services. To ensure better connectivity on flights in the future, the WBA will begin developing guidelines for the industry.

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