Telecommuting popular with parents

Three in five parents (60%) who work from home suffer from exhaustion and anxiety, according to a study by remote job site FlexJobs.

FlexJobs surveyed more than 1,100 parents of children aged 18 and under living at home to find out what they expected from their jobs after the pandemic.

In particular, the study showed that it was difficult for parents working from home with their children to set limits, but that they would not do without this way of working.

Telecommuting, help for parents?

According to the study, two in five employees (40%) find that they are not able to unplug after work, one in four people (26%) have encountered technical problems and 24% of respondents feel weariness in the face of video meetings.

One in five people (19%) complain about having too many video meetings and 16% of those surveyed find it more difficult to work as a team.

However, three in five parents (61%) say they want to continue teleworking, and 62% even say they would quit their current job if they couldn’t continue working remotely.

What positions to reduce parents’ stress?

But what job could a parent who works, who would be less stressful, have a large number of job offers and who would offer the possibility of telecommuting?

The company crossed its database with O * Net’s online career data (managed by the US Department of Labor) to create a list of jobs that working parents might consider.

Business Intelligence Analyst (Score 63 on the Stress Level Scoreboard), Document Management Specialist (64), Search Marketing Strategist (66), and Technical Writer (69) are suitable positions. Even computer systems engineers / architects score 79 on the stress scoreboard.

Telecommuting: a new way of life

Teleworking has many advantages: no need to travel, more time available for family and loved ones, and a better work-life balance, due to better control of one’s schedule. However, if you are a sociable person who enjoys seeing colleagues face to face, and if you enjoy office life, telecommuting is not going to be your thing.

Hybrid working is probably what suits most: the ability to work from home or go to the office whenever you want is a much better environment than forcing employees to go to the office or stay. at home against their will.

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