Telegram is changing: what will change

Who says New Year, says good resolutions? Telegram decided to spoil its users with a set of rather long-awaited new features in the instant messaging app anyway as part of the update.

What’s new in Telegram

In particular, you can automatically delete cached data in your various discussions. Specifically, this option allows you to delete the data of some chats and not touch others. The new graph also gives you the ability to check how much space different media files are taking up.

There is also a new blur tool. Specifically, it will allow you to blur certain areas in a video or photo, and we are thinking in particular about sensitive information such as a person’s face or license plate.

This blur tool is well thought out enough to blend into the background. This will match the color of the blur brush to the color of the image. You can also change the shapes by adding rectangles or certain circles, arrows or even stars. Finally, you can add a spoiler warning message to hide all or part of an image or video before the recipient decides to watch it.

Telegram has added other features that are more casual but not without interest. Thus, it becomes possible to use profile photos only for some of your contacts, or to offer photos to some of your relatives. The app also includes new animated emoticons, a minor contribution but always appreciated by users.

Telegram has changed a lot in 2022

Recall that last year Telegram changed a lot, and now it competes very seriously with the industry giant WhatsApp. So, and to keep only a few new features announced in 2022, the app will host non-custodial cryptocurrency wallets as well as decentralized crypto exchanges. While the industry is in crisis, this is a very strong gesture from the head of the company, Pavel Durov.

Telegram did not stop there. The update really improved the groups featured on the platform. In particular, those with over 200 members can now create threads. The idea is to allow them to separate and clarify the various lines on their favorite topic. This makes discussions more readable and visible to all users.

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