Telekinesis and Shooting with Synapse on PlayStation VR2 – Playscope

We’re testing the PS VR2 game a lot, but if you want to know what’s in store for you in the future, nDreams is preparing an action game that combines shooting and supernatural powers.

This first-person action game called Synapse will allow you to not only fight enemies with firearms in an abstract world, but also use your telekinesis abilities to move objects and opponents to make them easier to destroy.

The game will obviously take advantage of PS VR2 features, specifically PS VR2 Sense accuracy, as well as eye tracking for high accuracy. For more physical immersion, PS VR2’s haptic feedback and adaptive triggers will also be used.

As of now, nDreams has not given a release date other than an unspecified 2023. So be patient…

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