Telematin: after an unsuccessful sketch, Alexandra Pizzagali was finally kicked out of the show

The first time that should be the last. On Monday, September 5, Alexandra Pizzagali opened her first performance at the Télématin on France 2. Yes, but now the stars are clearly not aligned for this young comedian with a cynical tone heavily tinged with black humor. Between the capricious teleprompter, the severity of stress and the chronicle abruptly interrupted by an advertising break, there was clearly no result. Worse, many viewers and Internet users were outraged by this sketch dedicated to the author of the terrorist attack in Nice on July 14, 2016, the trial of which began on the same day.

Faced with a wave of outraged comments, the channel was even quick to draw a press release on Twitter: “FranceTele management and the Telematin team regret that the humorous column has rightly offended many viewers. We apologize and express our solidarity with the victims of the tragedy. Good attack and their loved ones.” For her part, Alexandra Pizzagali also went there with her explanatory message, clearly assuming that she would return for the 2nd column. “Zero censorship, Telematin teams at the top…

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