Telescopes at Walmart: Black Friday discounts and stock

There are a plethora of telescopes at Walmart for sale at Black Friday prices, especially with one of the most trusted brands in the business: Celestron.

Telescope prices are part of a surge in Black Friday space deals associated with astronomy. The pandemic made amateur watching an attractive option, given that these activities are carried out outdoors and at a distance anyway. Therefore, the time is perfect to learn about the night sky.

Astronomy is a much easier field to learn thanks to technological advances. Many telescopes come with astronomy software, along with printable charts, for your use. This allows even beginners to learn about the planets, the moon, and the major galaxies and nebulae in the night sky.

More and more telescopes are also equipped with useful features that allow a computer to help you with orientation. While it is always helpful to have some human knowledge to make sure the telescope is aimed at the correct area, preferred telescopes are a rapidly growing market because they open up the night sky even more for beginners who can search for more challenging objects.

Astronomy is a lifelong hobby and it’s fun to take the time to get to know your new device. Set up your telescope carefully in broad daylight and try practicing with objects such as power lines or trees. This will allow you to play around with focus before heading out.

Once you are ready to begin night observation, give your eyes and your telescope at least 20 minutes (your telescope may need more time in cold weather) to adjust to the weather. When consulting a star map, which beginners often use to learn how to navigate the night sky, use a red filter on your phone or flashlight. This will preserve your “night vision” to get the most out of your telescope.

The best and best beginner telescopes are entering the market every year, Celestron and other brands (such as Meade or Orion) cater to this market. We only advise you to avoid telescopes that do not have a well-known mark attached.

Narrow aperture telescopes, shaky mounts, or misaligned mirrors will only lead to frustration, and doing the proper research to find quality brands (like Celestron here) will be worth your time. To steer you in the right direction, check out our guides on the best telescopes, the best telescopes for beginners, and the best telescopes for kids for some recommendations that are best suited to you.

We’ve got a host of Walmart’s Celestron deals below that you need to act on quickly to avoid supply issues. You may also want to consider other Black Friday telescope deals, which you can find with the best cheap telescope and telescope deals under $ 500. Happy sky watching!

Telescopes at Walmart: the best deals

Buying tips

Celestron StarSense Explorer DX 102AZ Tube

(Image credit: Celestron)

Think carefully about what type of telescope you would like to buy. There are three main types: refractors, reflectors, and catadioptric telescopes.

Refractors are very popular with beginning astronomers as they are easy to maintain and are often mounted on a simple alternate azimuth mount. These brackets are cheap to make, so the price of refractors tends to be quite low because of this. They are particularly good at giving highly magnified, high-contrast images, so they are best at focusing on specific targets such as the moon and planets.

Reflecting telescopes tend to have larger apertures and are better for low-magnification targets like nebulae and galaxies. You get two types of reflecting telescopes: Dobsonian and Newtonian, although there is some crossover between these. In short, however, Dobsonians are easier to maintain and are often found attached to the alt-azimuth mount. Newtonians are most commonly placed on equatorial mounts, which allow you to follow the rotation of the night sky more precisely, but require more maintenance.

Finally, catadioptric telescopes solve problems found in the two types of scope above, such as chromatic aberration and coma, and are generally equipped with a GoTo system. These systems are essentially mini computers that align your telescope with particular objects in the night sky. You get two types of catadioptric, the Schmidt-Cassegrain and the Maksutov-Cassegrain. As a general rule of thumb, the Maksutov-Cassegrain is better for viewing planets, while the Schmidt-Cassegrain models are a bit more versatile and feature larger apertures, making them preferred by astrophotographers.

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