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Despite the déconfinement, telecommuting will continue to remain ordinary for many employees in the world. Several companies pushing for the reopening of their offices in order to avoid new contaminations.

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The COVID-19 is still in the vicinity. In Europe, most countries have reopened cautiously their savings while implementing measures of distance and physical port more or less mandatory for the shield. This does not prevent outbreaks of contamination occur here or there. In the United States, the situation is much more difficult with a resurgence worrying of the epidemic.

Google, Apple, Twitter, Facebook…

The american context, accentuated by conflicting decisions of the various levels of government, pushing companies to take their responsibility. Apple announced this week that its offices in the United States will remain closed until the beginning of next year, at least. A hundred shops in the us manufacturer have had to close their doors because of the rise in cases of contamination.

Twitter has just decided to make telecommuting the norm for its employees. Work to permanent residence, for those in which the role and the situation allows. In Facebook, which also promotes the practice since the outbreak of the epidemic, it prohibits any meeting of more than 50 persons until July 2021.

Google has decided to allow telecommuting until June 30, 2021, or six months longer than before. Sundar Pichai, the boss of Alphabet, the parent company of the search engine, explained in an internal memo that it wanted to facilitate the organization to advance its employees. Telework is an option for Google employees, some with no other choice than to go all day in the office because of their activity within the company.

Sundar Pichai is hoped that this extension of telework will allow those who wish to have the flexibility needed to take, head-work and family life. The administration Trump pushes to the reopening of schools as soon as September, but the country’s health situation, this may require several months of closure of schools. The employees will probably keep their children at home for a while.


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