Telework: here is the accessory not at all connected that will change your daily life

A laptop stand allows the screen to be raised to eye level.

Have you tried the cup heater connected via USB? The USB essential oil diffuser? The wide-angle webcam to have a better appearance in videoconferencing? Yes, with teleworking your workspace has gradually been cluttered with more or less useful gadgets. But you still have so much back pain in the process. Because your office chair is a little stiff, because your desk is not at the right height. Perhaps also because the laptop PC that spun your business to a tiny screen.

As a result, you start the day straight in your chair. Then your position sags, the hours pass, and you end the day with your back in compote.

Yes because with a laptop, whether you like it or not, you have to bend your head and neck to see the screen. What if changing all that went through the least connected accessory in the world? How about switching to laptop support?

The support is made of aluminum. It is 6mm thick, enough to carry it easily in a laptop bag. Its weight is 320 grams, and it can be adjusted to 7 different heights.

“It changed my life as a teleworker overnight”

“It changed my life as a teleworker overnight,” explains Sophie, who now spends long hours at home. “It’s really the basic investment,” she assures us. “I had posture problems, I was straining on the trapezius and vertebrae, in short, I had a bad position, I was bent forward” she said.

As a result, Sophie’s back was on fire as the working hours passed. A difficult situation, especially since her back was already making her suffer before. “I have regular migraine headaches and therefore I do chiropractic sessions to resolve all that”.

“Teleworking forced me to work from home in an uncomfortable chair,” she explains. “The support is very practical and allows me to have a more upright posture” assures Sophie. “And especially the fact of having the additional keyboard allows you to be less close to the screen”.

A secondary keyboard becomes necessary

Yes because once the laptop PC is positioned on this support, if the screen is positioned naturally at the level of the eyes of the computer, the keyboard is no longer accessible to it. A secondary keyboard therefore becomes absolutely necessary. Just like a mouse instead of the trackpad.

Another consequence, with the support and the additional keyboard, the screen appears smaller on a 13-inch. “But my back says thank you,” she said. “I am getting closer to the working conditions of when I go to the office once a week”.

A secondary keyboard and mouse is required for proper use of the Laptop Holder. An ergonomic mouse is recommended.

The model Sophie tried out is the FlexTop 270 stand from BakkerElkhuizen. The support is made of Hylite aluminum. It is 6mm thick (310mm deep and 325mm wide) when folded down, making it easy to carry in a laptop bag. Its weight is 320 grams, and it can be adjusted to 7 different heights (the support is adjusted from the back from 9 to 22 cm).

Note that some suppliers such as this Dutch manufacturer offer teleworking packs which include in addition to a laptop support, an ergonomic keyboard and mouse. “The importance of having an optimal workspace to limit visual fatigue and musculoskeletal disorders” explains BakkerElkhuizen.

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