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On Friday afternoon at the Tence cinema, as part of the cartoon festival, about 60 spectators took part in indoor video games before the screening of Carlo Voegele’s film Icarus.

In this way, the animators Maud L’Elgualque and Alexandre Suzanne of the Playful association engaged the audience in a session of games chosen according to the themes of the film. The public was invited to try out the games on the big screen while intermediaries moved the controllers around the room. The facilitators then asked the children to share their impressions of the experience, and enthusiasm prevailed unanimously.

3 games

“From Crete” in the same natural setting as in the film, “Hoarfrost” takes you on an adventure that combines rock climbing and tumbling.

Directly related to the legend of Icarus, “Toward the Sun” is an arcade game that puts your reflexes to the test as you fly a futuristic plane to reach the sun.

“Ariana’s Thread”, the fanfare finale with 2v2 clashes in Sportsfriends’ frantic multiplayer game that features a pole vault soccer game in which the ball is suspended from a rope.

In the presence of Mireille d’Allance

The festival runs until Tuesday August 2nd from Saturday July 30th at 3:30 pm, Big Anger and Fantasies movie. On this occasion, Mireille d’Alancé, author of the “Great Anger” youth album, will be present to sign these books and discuss them with the public in collaboration with the bookstore La Boîte à soleils in Tens.


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