Teresa Cremisi’s column: “Elon Musk is a whistleblower”

A month ago, when through my diary, which belongs to you, I decided to write a letter to Elon Musk, I thought that I had launched into a rhetorical exercise without further action. “Here,” I said to myself, “is a man extremely gifted with adventurers, asserting this “criminal” force, who has got involved in a much more difficult adventure than expected. get bogged down in the quicksand of your own orders and counter-orders. But wait, it was a businessman’s course, as it is born in all countries, just a little more interesting and touching.

Weeks passed, and Musk did not leave the news (authoritatively migrating from business pages to political ones). Not a day without a feat of arms, not a day without a disheveled announcement. When he’s not going to fight a competitor, a supplier, his employees, a bank, the stock market… he posts a photo of his bedside table on Twitter. Pardon my tendency to flippant, but I think it deserves (nightstand) interpretation. Why would the richest man in the world share with the universe an image of his intimacy and perhaps his loneliness? I don’t have an answer, but I invite you to take a look: two pistols (dummy, wooden and plastic, very sinister), a reproduction of a historical painting (Washington crossing the Delaware River), four empty Diet Coke cans. . The table is more than plain, the tray marked with circles of cans from previous vigils.

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What happens after this ad

All that caffeine on the spur of the moment didn’t produce a masterpiece, but gave it enough energy to open a new front this week on the side of Apple and its boss Tim Cook: in a flurry of messages (duration: fifteen minutes), he threatens to take Twitter out from the Apple Store. It begins like this: “Apple has limited its advertising investment on Twitter. Do they hate free speech? To end by announcing that if this boycott continues, he will not hesitate. It will start producing its own mobile phones and its own tablets. Poor apple! And Tim Cook will only have eyes to cry.

Always in defense of freedom of expression, he has returned to anti-vaccination stories and seems to oscillate between freedom of speech absolutism and a sudden stop when he doesn’t like something. Wanting to break down barriers between areas of expertise, she imports Tesla engineers (electric cars) to rule the world of networking. And to start paying off the company’s $13 or $14 billion debt, he’s liquidating overpriced groceries provided to employees in former luxury canteens that are now empty.

What happens next after this ad

What happens next after this ad

Like all exceptional people stricken with the curse of pride, Musk is increasingly divided: on the one hand, lovers of turmoil, transgression and audacity of all stripes, on the other, reasonable, skeptics and conservatives. Read from the pen of Michel Onfrey: “… I really believe that someone like Elon Musk is a character that will make a difference to the rest of civilization. A civilization that will be planetary, and that will eventually leave the planet … “seemed to me a confirmation of this ability to attract and divide opinions.

Have you practiced tests that identify a reactionary under a Gruyère lover and a progressive if he is a goat cheese lover? Well, the same thing: a “bifurcated” personality, if there was one at all, Musk became a trendsetter.

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