Terra Invicta strategy from the creators of XCOM

Terra Invicta is a new epic strategy game coming out later this month, created by the development team responsible for the first and second XCOM games. Launching on September 26, 2022, Terra Invicta will be available for the first time via Early Access on Steam and GOG for $40, €40, or £35.

Watch the release date announcement trailer below for more on what you can expect from the strategy game in which players must gather support, resources and fight in space with orbital stations, outlying bases and space fleets. Taking the first steps in the colonization of the solar system, players must prepare for the coming wars.

“Players must lead one of these groups and use their unique abilities in the fight for control of Earth’s resources, preparing for the ultimate battle for control of the future of humanity. Will you serve your new alien overlords, fight to maintain human supremacy, or instead go to the stars and drop these petty squabbles?

Terra Invicta

“Bridging the gap between the familiar terrain of Earth and the far reaches of the solar system, strategy game Terra Invicta picks up alien invasion plot themes and turns everything into 11. The campaign begins as an Earthbased game of geopolitical chess where players must live strategically to control the nations and resources of the planet. As faction leaders, players will weigh the benefits and consequences of their actions, but how the benefits are gained is entirely up to them.”

“Even when the entire solar system is at arm’s length, confrontation is inevitable. On the one hand, ageold interhuman conflicts stretch to the stars, and on the other, a legion of alien invaders who want to claim the Earth as their own. Players will use alien technology and human ingenuity to build fleets of armed spacecraft and develop tactical doctrines. Combat in the strategy game is built around a realistic simulation of Newtonian physics, where speed is as important as firepower. Growing alien activity on Earth will present a difficult choice as the invasion spreads around the world.”

Strategy Game Features:

  • Choose from seven different factions that seek to control the Earth with unique goals and strategies.
  • Explore the solar system on an everchanging strategy map.
  • Empower politicians, scientists and operatives to gain geopolitical advantage
  • A global research system that creates opportunities for both competition and cooperation between factions.
  • Illustrated events that present difficult choices related to the growing alien activity on Earth.
  • Spaceship designs based on the best of science and science fiction.
  • Master the momentum of weightlessness and maneuver in 3D space to win the paused realtime tactical combat.
  • Use planetary stations to fuel ships, research, or build.

Source: GOG:Steam

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