Terraria: Re-Logic announces that the title will not be released on Stadia

Game news Terraria: Re-Logic announces that the title will not be released on Stadia

Originally released in 2013, Terraria has since spread to countless platforms, growing from generation to generation to be accessible almost anywhere. However, Re-Logic was not finished, and was preparing a release of the title on Stadia.

A project simply canceled by Andrew Spinks, founder of the Studio, after the blocking of his various Google accounts at the end of January. In statement made on Twitter on January 27, the developer indicated that it could not access YouTube and Gmail for 10 days. Fearing a technical problem, he contacted Google support, but would not have received any response, and even saw the entire Google suite crash. A situation that does not accept the founder of the studio, who replies today by indicating than Terraria will not be released on Google Stadia.

I have done absolutely nothing that violates your terms of service. Therefore, I can only take this as a decision to cut ties. So consider that it is. The publication of Terraria on Google Stadia is canceled. My company will no longer support any of your platforms. I refuse to work with a company that has so little regard for its consumers and partners. Doing business with you is a burden.

At present, Google has still not reacted to the choice of Re-Logic and Andrew Spinks. As a reminder, exactly a week ago, the Mountain View company announced the closure of the Stadia Games & Entertainment studios, located in Los Angeles and Montreal. In-house game development is therefore a thing of the past, but Google ensures that resources will be directed to the Stadia platform, which continues to be accessible.

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