Terrifying and mysterious Inscryption confirms release date on PS4 and PS5 – Chatborgne

The game will appear at the end of August on PlayStation consoles.

It’s official, Register Coming to PS5 and PS4 very soon, especially In the end of August will be available now. Devolver Digital announced this on their Twitter account, taking note of the news and apologizing for any misunderstanding they caused. The PlayStation Store has given a specific date and it’s… August 30.

The tweet reads: “Incomparable Inscryption will be released on PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4 at the end of next month! already available for pre-order! In addition, they also apologize for saying the game would be available this month, but ultimately it wasn’t: “We said it would be available this month, but it wasn’t.” was a complete mistake“.

Inscryption already appeared last year, on October 21, 2021, on the PC platform, becoming one of the big surprises last year, receiving rave reviews and multiple awards at various galas. This game will cost 19.99 euros, but for PlayStation Plus subscribers it will be a little cheaper: 17.99 euros..

This game developed by Daniel Mullins Games is… dark bagel offer which combines card games and puzzles with a “quest room” type approach. this is One of the best independent films of recent years. and so we inform you about it in the 3DJuegos review. Its success is no coincidence, as it has sold over a million copies.

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