Territorial: Ia Mana te Nunaa urges his supporters to vote “in conscience”

The association Ia Mana Te Nunaa updated its office on 18 February. Previously, “General Secretary” Ioan Wong becomes “President”. The Association wishes to “direct part of its activities towards the promotion of Polynesian culture, history, languages…”

Created in 1975 by Jacqui Drollet, Henri Hiro, Jean-Paul Barral and Philippe Siou, among others, Ia Mana Te Nunaa (Power to the People) was originally an independent political party. As the territorial elections draw near, the association calls on its members “and sympathizers (…) to vote with integrity and freely choose the candidates best able to defend the founding principles of Ia Mana Te Nunaa.”

At the end of 2017, ahead of the 2018 elections, Jacqui Drolle, the then mayor of Hitiaa and elected by UPLD, announced his retirement from political life, wanting to “make way for the youth”.

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