Territory of Belfort. Covid-19: 12,000 doses of vaccine arrive in Belfort and Grandville

For a long time, the number of people willing to get vaccinated was more than possible due to the limitation of the number of vaccines. The situation was reversed with the arrival of 12,000 additional doses in the Belfort Territory, which were made available from Tuesday at the Belfort Lighthouse Centers and the Grandvillars multipurpose room.

“Registration is very fast”

“There are vacancies, you just need to register,” confirms the Prefecture of the Belfort Territory, stressing that “now is the right time for vaccinations, just before the holidays. We know that some people don’t sign up thinking that it will take a long time to date. This is not true. They can register and it is very fast. “

58 thousand people were vaccinated in the region.

“June and July will be the months during which our centers will receive the maximum doses,” reads a joint press release from the prefecture and the Regional Health Agency (ARS). To date, more than 58,000 people have already been vaccinated (first injection) in the Territoire de Belfort, which corresponds to 41% of the total population and 53% of the adult population.

Falling incidence

The incidence of Covid in the department dropped to 74 per 100,000 overall and to 38 per 100,000 in those over 75. Pollution degree 3%.

The arrival of new doses does not affect the Giromagny vaccination center, where the first injection is no longer available. In fact, it is necessary to vacate the premises in order to start work on the construction of a new nursing home.

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