Tesla accuses Rivian of stealing confidential technology for new batteries

Rivian recently announced plans to start manufacturing batteries. However, Tesla intensified a lawsuit it filed against the company for theft of confidential information, accusing it of having access to secrets related to its battery.

According to Tesla, despite the lawsuit against Rivian, Rivian continued to encroach on its intellectual property.

Like other manufacturers, Rivian wants to make sure it has more control over its product development. Since batteries are an essential component of its business and have a direct impact on the price of electric vehicles, the company has announced its intention to start developing them.

However, along the way, Tesla stepped up legal action against Rivian for stealing confidential information about its battery development. In fact, as early as last year, Elon Musk’s maker accused several former employees of stealing confidential information for Rivian, as Rivian employees, even though they were still under Tesla’s privacy agreement.

Among other things, Tesla accused Carrington Bradley of using his knowledge of the manufacturer to put Rivian in contact with employees involved in the development of Superchargers.

Now, Tesla says that despite the lawsuit against Rivian, Rivian continued to encroach on its intellectual property, citing several employees who were caught stealing technological information from its next-generation batteries.

Now, apparently under pressure from investors, after nearly a dozen years without producing a single vehicle, Rivian has stepped up its illegal efforts.

He told Tesla, according to Bloomberg.

Although Rivian has not made any statement on the matter, it has tried to prevent the maker of Elon Musk from adding new claims to the case, arguing that they are unfounded. Additionally, Rivian noted that since the initial trial, which took place in July 2020, Tesla has not clarified what confidential information was stolen.

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