Tesla Announces Sharp Price Drops for Model 3 and Model Y –

At Tesla, car prices are not fixed, to put it mildly. The American manufacturer is accustomed to changing its price lists depending on sales, demand, or even the economic situation and government assistance.

Prices go yo-yo

Tesla Model 3, the brand’s most popular car, started its career in France. in 2019 at a price of 48,600 euros. The entrance ticket rose until December 2020, then reached 50,990 euros, before falling to a low of 43,800 euros the following year (excluding the environmental bonus). Since then, the list price has continued to rise and finally settled at 53,490 euros last June.

At the beginning of 2023, the yo-yo continues and this time prices are starting to fall again: model 3 is now available in €44,990 (-€8,500) and the Model Y SUV requires €46,990 (-€3,000)..

In its statement, Tesla simply suggests that this drop is due to a better optimization of the industrial chain: “Despite the serious problems in the past year, from the shortage of semiconductors to the energy crisis due to logistical restrictions and various disruptions associated with the coronavirus, we continue to lay the foundation for our future growth through the regionalization of our production and supply chain.”

Either way, this means the Model 3 is back at just under €40,000 with an environmental bonus, making it immediately more attractive than the competition.

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