Tesla could open up its network of Supercharger terminals to compete at a ridiculously low price.

Tesla now appears poised to open up its network of Supercharger stations to competition, according to a brief test that surfaced on the automaker’s app a few days ago.

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Tesla has been reporting for several years that it plans to open up its Supercharger network to non-Tesla electric vehicle owners around the world. The Netherlands was the first region where superchargers were made available to people without a Tesla car, before other superchargers with CSS opened up competition elsewhere in Europe.

Now opening up Supercharger terminals for other electric vehicles seems inevitable in the United States. Tesla owners have begun to notice a new membership option in the company’s software, allowing users to sign up for Supercharger access at a lower cost per kilowatt than usual.

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Tesla will offer a very affordable subscription to its Supercharger network.

Earlier this week, users of the Tesla app noticed a brief internal test in which owners of non-Tesla vehicles could sign up for the Supercharger network. As seen in the screenshot on Sawyer Merritt’s Twitter account, the app has indicated that there is a pay-as-you-go option and a flat-rate monthly payment option.

Presumably, Tesla will not require all non-Tesla owners to sign up to use Supercharger, but those who choose to pay 0.99 cents per month for a membership will receive discounts. The subscription price seems too good to be true, which has left many users doubtful. Indeed, it is likely that Tesla only tested the functionality by listing a price that would not be the same as the final subscription.

Hours later, Merritt reported that Tesla had removed the new feature from their app, adding, “I think they either accidentally clicked on the post prematurely or they mistakenly entered $0.99/month instead of $9.99/month.” However, it is possible that Tesla will try to price even more aggressively than the competition. A subscription to the Electrify America ultra-fast charger network currently costs $4 per month and reduces the price per kWh by about 20%.

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