Tesla Cybertruck: Elon Musk announces price and specification changes

This could be suspected, Elon Musk confirmed: Tesla will increase the price of its Cybertruck, which also has to make concessions in terms of technical characteristics.

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In 2019, Tesla announced the Cybertruck, an all-terrain electric pickup truck with a futuristic design. But the production of the car was delayed, postponed several times, and the first deliveries are not expected until the summer of 2023.

On August 4, 2022, Cyber ​​​​Roundup was organized – an annual meeting with investors and shareholders of Tesla. During this meeting, Elon Musk shared some very bad news for those who were planning to buy a Cybertruck. The Tesla boss did reveal that the vehicle’s data sheet and price will be changed from the announcements made in 2019. And this, of course, will not benefit consumers.

Tesla Cybertruck: discounted price and technical data sheet

“Prices for the Cybertruck were made public in 2019 and the booking was $99. A lot has changed since then, so features and prices will be different. I hate to give bad news, but I think it was not possible to foresee inflation and the various problems that we faced, ”commented Elon Musk to the audience of shareholders.

This communication only formalizes what we might already suspect. In the last quarter of 2021, Tesla quietly removed Cybertruck prices and specifications from its website, hinting at changes to come. We don’t know yet what order these changes will come in. Elon Musk was pleased that the electric pickup truck would remain a “damn beautiful car.”

As for the release date of the car, the contractor confirmed that he is aiming for mid-2023. “We will install production equipment and tooling within the next two months,” he said. He expects mass production to begin in the middle of next year. However, it is likely that the United States will be served first, and Europe will have to be more patient, despite the opening of the Gigafactory in Berlin at the beginning of the year.

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