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Brand co-founder Elon Musk confirmed the bad news at the group’s annual shareholder meeting, justifying the increase by saying “a lot has changed” over the past three years.

By introducing the Cybertruck in 2019, Tesla promised a very attractive base model sale price of $39,900. The most luxurious version, with all-wheel drive and three electric motors, cost $70,000. The theoretical driving range of the car is between 400 and 800 km, depending on the version.

During the shareholder meeting, Elon Musk was keen to demonstrate that the Cybertruck’s price range would reflect the runaway inflation rampant around the world: “The Cybertruck was introduced in 2019, but a lot has changed since then. be different. I hate to give bad news, but it was impossible for us [en 2019] anticipate the inflation we are experiencing today. »

The first models will be delivered in 2023.

If the launch of the production lines was originally supposed to start at the end of 2021, then it was very quickly postponed to 2022. Then Elon Musk finally assured that the first cars should be delivered in the summer of 2023. also confirmed that installing Full Self-Driving (FSD) autonomous driving software would add $7,000 to the selling price, but according to The Verge, FSD is now worth $12,000.

The entire Tesla lineup is feeling the brunt of inflation. Faced with rising raw material and energy prices, Tesla has been forced to raise prices on all of its models. Production times were greatly extended due to a shortage of semiconductors that paralyzed the automotive industry.


Three versions make up the initial Tesla Cybertruck catalog. The Access variant has a rear engine, so only two-wheel drive, power and torque are not mentioned. However, it will be able to accelerate to 100 km / h in 6.5 seconds, and the maximum speed will be 177 km / h. The second twin-engine version will be all-wheel drive. It reduces the acceleration time to 4.5 seconds and its Vmax increases to 193 km/h. Finally, the sportiest of all electric pickups is powered by three motors, 0-100 km/h in 3 seconds and has a top speed of 209 km/h.

First of all utility: Cybertruck can tow from 3400 to 6350 kg depending on the version. Its almost two-meter tipper body can carry objects weighing up to 1590 kg. Off-road pickup truck with air suspension increases ground clearance up to 40 cm.

The single-engine Cybertruck has a range of 400 km, the twin-engine version has 484 km, and the very sporty three-engine version has over 800 km. However, the cells must be identical to model 3.

Model One engine Two engines Three engines Power/Torque – – – Transmission 4×2 (rear-wheel drive) 4×4 4×4 Acceleration (from 0 to 100 km/h) 6.5 s 4.5 s 3.0 s Maximum speed 177 km/h 193 km/h 209 km/h Battery type Li-ion Li-ion Li-ion Battery capacity
– – – EPA electric cooker
402 km 483 km 805 km Maximum charging power
250 kW 250 kW 250 kW DC charging 80% (250 kW) Approx. 30 minutes Approx. 30 minutes Approx. 30 minutes Length 5.88 m 5.88 m 5.88 m Width 2.03 m 2.03 m 2.03 m Height 1.90 m 1.90 m 1.90 m Empty weight – – – Traction force 3,400 kg 4,500 kg 6,350 kg Seats 6 6 6 Body length 1.98 m 1.98 m 1.98 m Load capacity 1 590 kg 1590 kg 1590 kg


Another unanswered question is the exact number of Cybertruck pre-orders already registered by Tesla. The first figure of 650,000 vehicles on order was circulated in June 2020, but it is believed to have increased since then. According to the Electrek website, pre-orders will reach the 1.5 million vehicles reserved to date. The vast majority of orders will be for the two and three motor versions. The model costs $58,000.

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