Tesla: Elon Musk proposes to test the voice command “open your ass”

Tesla has unexpected voice commands on board, as Elon Musk reminds us on Twitter. He introduced one that should make users smile.

Elon Musk – Photo: TED

Tesla hasn’t finished surprising us yet. Recall that electric cars dear to Elon Musk are equipped with a voice control system. This allows you to adjust the air conditioner, wipers, make phone calls, launch apps, or control other vehicle functions.

On Twitter, Elon Musk unveiled an order that is likely to make users of his electric vehicles laugh. “Try the ‘open your ass’ voice command on your Tesla,” the billionaire advised, sparking a cheer on Twitter. As soon as this stern order is recited, the Tesla charging port immediately appears. To close the lid hanging over him, it is enough to give the command “close your ass”.

Tesla full of Easter eggs

Teslas are rich in Easter eggs of this type. However, many owners are not necessarily aware of the unexpected performance of their vehicle. For example, a hidden feature allows you to play a very cruel prank on your passengers by activating a virtual screamer cushion under the seat of your choice. In addition, Tesla has stashed a Back to the Future Easter egg in its iOS and Android apps.

On the other hand, the Boombox feature, which notably allowed farting sounds outside the car, was limited, to the chagrin of Elon Musk. Coming back to the “open butt” Easter egg, know that it’s been around for some time now. In April 2021 Tesla owner already tested it on video as you can see below:

In addition to flatulence and rude voice commands, Elon Musk’s cars have other features. Tesla includes, among other things, the “Caroke” mode, which allows you to play music in the cabin. In a completely different register, your Tesla Model 3 can momentarily turn into a boat that can repel water in the event of a flood.

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